My almost 5 year old was just sting by a bee on his finger. Anything I need to do other than remove stinger and wash the area?

Onion. Slice an onion and rub it on the sting. The onion enzymes neutralize the bee venom and reduce swelling and itching. Homeopathic apis mellifica will also help. Use three ties a day for a coupke days. The onion works so well you may not need the homeopathic. On the finger it may takse a coupke slices. If he has any systemic symptoms like trouble breathing face swelling etc call 911= allergic rxn.
Adolph's. After the stinger is carefully removed (with the side of a credit card) and the skin is thoroughly cleansed, apply adolph's meat tenderizer. It neutralizes the venom of the bee sting. Or dissolve the meat tenderizer in water and soak a cotton ball in the solution. Apply to the sting for 10 to 15 minutes.