Scared! I had a positive ANA twice 1:40 and 1:160 nucleolar pattern only symptoms have been mild dry eye and one possible episode of episcleritis in the last year. I am scared I have diffuse scleroderma. Been to several rheumatogists and dermatolog

Relax! Take a deep breath! having a positive ANA doesn't mean that you have a particular disease. In fact lab testing is only a part of the diagnosis, the main part is the clinical picture. Is a good thing to be on top of your health, but being too much can be harmful too. You have already consulted specialists in that area. Follow their recommendations.
Positive ANA. I would recommend treating the dry eye and continuing followup with your rheumatologist. If you have no other findings, it does not sound like you have criteria to diagnose diffuse scleroderma or any other autoimmune disease for that matter. Positive ANA testing with mild dry eye is actually pretty common.