4th day of missed period (30 day cycle). Getting pregnancy symptoms but negative hpt (strip). Also have uti. How soon can I take a blood test.?

Try another test. Most hpts are pretty sensitive and should be positive by a missed period. A negative hpt, assuming it was done correctly, is pretty accurate. If you are concerned it was false, you can do another one 48 hours later. This will save you a blood test. Two negative tests make it pretty clear it's negative. Symptoms may actually be the start of a cycle as well. The UTI shouldn't interfere with this.
Now. You can have it anytime now. As soon as implantation occurs the bhcg levels start to rise. See your doctor and, just in case, start taking Folic Acid supplements.

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3 missed periods. 5 neg hpt & 1 neg blood test. No cramps, no urinary symptoms, no pregnancy symptoms. What could it be? Cause for concern?

I'd be concerned too. There are lots of possible reasons for missed periods, and it's imperative your doctor gets to the bottom of this at once. If he/she can't, see a board certified reproductive endocrinologist who can/should help you. Dr. Roseff www.Reproendo.Com. Read more...

I am on day 7 of my missed period. So far all HPT are negative. What do I do? Should I contact my doctor for a blood test?

Depends. If you are usually very regular and have not been using any contraception, you could call MD now. However, urine HCG tests are very accurate, so a negative test usually does mean no pregnancy. Normal menstrual cycles can range from 28-40 days, which is almost 6 weeks. I would recommend waiting at least 1 more week - also be sure to do a test with first am urine when HCG is usually at highest level. Read more...