What's the difference between fibromyalgia & connective tissue disease?

Immune system. Connective diseases such as lupus and scleroderma are diseases that result from the immune system attacking the body itself. Fibromyalgia is a syndrome of symptoms including fatigue, non-restful sleep, and widespread pain. Its cause is unknown. It may be due to imbalance in chemicals in the nerves in the brain.

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What's the difference between fibromyalgia and an undifferentiated connective tissue disease?

A LOT! Any connective tissue disease (ctd) is essentially autoimmune, in nature, meaning the body is attacking itself. 'undifferentiated' may mean it's not classified or not classifiable, but still bears the hallmarks of inflammation & autoimmunity. No one can really agree what fibromyalgia is or what it's cause(s) are, but it does not appear to be autoimmune. Treatments for the 2 are very different. Read more...