What are the long-term side effects of Zicam nasal spray?

Increased congestion. Many of the Zicam nasal sprays contain nasal decongestants, similar to the afrin brand of nasal sprays. Topical nasal decongestant sprays are safe if used for a short period of time. If used for more than a few days, however, they can cause rebound congestion, which can become more severe than the original reason for using the spray. Never use for more than 3 days straight.
Permanent damage. Zicam zinc based nose sprays have been implicated in a number of reports of permanent or semi-permanent loss of smell. I would just stay away from it.

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What are the long-term side effects of nasal spray?

Nasal spray. Depends on what is being sprayed. Saline none. Nasal decongestants should not be used more than 2 or 3 days at a time or else worsening or more congestion may develop. Nasal steroids safe for long term use. Read more...