What might be the best bed for a fms patient?

That Depends. I am often asked this question from patients with chronic pain of all types. The truth is there is not one single answer because it is highly dependent on what you find comfortable. Although very expensive, I usually recommend the sleep number bed system. Whith this you can change the firmness as much as you like.
Fibromyalgia. Have a full workup from your general care practitioner to determine if fibromyalgia is the correct diagnosis. If so, pain management, preferably with as few pills as possible is of utmost importance. Here is the website of the American Academy of Pain Management: http://www. Aapainmanage. Org/
Soft mattress. As to the best bed for fibromyalgia, a soft mattress is best such as feather bed. The body is most comfortable when supported evenly on all parts with concern to take stress off shoulder and pelvic girdles. A bed aboard the space shuttle would be ideal since gravity is the enemy of people with fibromyalgia. Water beds poor and tend to sag. A sensory deprivation chamber would probably be ideal.