What is traditional medicine for gout?

Depends. There are different medicines given to prevent gout than there is to treat an acute case or chronic case. Allopurinol is an example of a preventative or uloric (on tv commericals of late.) Colchicine is given as both a treatment and preventative med depending on the dosage, anti-inflammatories are given as a treatment, if you meant "alternative" then I have heard of cherry extract as a treatment.
Colchicine. Colchicine is a very old medication that has always been the gold standard for treatment of acute gout attacks. Unfortunately it was recently re-patented and its price is considerably more. The old standard drug for preventing gout is allopurinol, taken when you dont have a gout attack currently in progress.

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What is a traditional medicine for gout?

Alternative for gout. Cherries are a known remedy or preventative for gout (4-8 oz/day). Increased dairy has been shown to lower uric acid levels somewhat. High levels of meat and seafood show more prevalence to increase uric acid. Willow bark may help during an attack. Otherwise there are good safe medications available both to treat gout and prevent it from recurring. Read more...