How do I manage my baby's reflux?

Try these things... Try to make sure you burp your baby frequently to get the extra air out of her tummy. Also, try to keep her upright for about 15-20 minutes after feedings. Finding a way to elevate the head of her crib mattress may also help reflux symptoms while she is sleeping. Some babies with reflux prefer smaller, but more frequent feedings. If all else fails, call your doctor about trying a reflux medication.
Comfort is key. As long as baby isn't in much pain and is growing and doing well, you don't have to do much of anything-- some spitting is normal. You can try to feed a little slower, and keep baby upright a little while afterwards. Pausing to burp now and then can help, too. But if your child fusses a lot or seems to be in pain, talk to your pediatrician.