What are the alcohols that people with wheat allergies can drink?

Wine, tequila, vodka. Most wines should be fine if you are not sensitive to sulfites. Tequila is derived from the agave plant and vodka typically comes from potatoes.
Wheat Allergy. Wheat: stolichnaya (made from a blend of wheat and rye), grey goose, ketel one, snow queen, van gogh (made from a blend of wheat, corn, and barley), la chance, vox, polar ice, absolut rye: belvedere barley: finlandia, koskenkorva corn: smirnoff potato: chopin, teton glacier, monopolowa, vikingfjord, luksosowa grape: cîroc, bombora.

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Could I be allergic to vodka? I've read about possible allergy to alcohol or wheat, but I have neither of those. I can drink anything else all night.

Highly unlikely. Most alcohol allergy is actually from intolerance or an idiosyncratic reactions. Allergy to alcohol has been reported but must be extremely rare. If you have drink anything all night, why are you concerned at all with allergy? On the other hand, binge or excessive alcohol intake can do more harm to your brain and liver than any potential allergy can. Read more...