What do I do if I take norethisterone with irregular periods?

Irregular bleeding. Progestins can be used to help with irregular bleeding. If your bleeding is due to failure to ovulate, progestins can be used to control bleeding. It is normal to have heavier bleeding initially with progestins. However, over time bleeding should become more regular.

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What should I do if I want to take norethisterone with irregular periods?

Depends . This is a Progesterone only pill. It may regulate your period but if you also want the contraceptive effect, you must be careful to take it the same time everyday. And if you miss a pill, you must use condoms. If it just to regulate the period, you can do a sunday start. Take it at night to prevent nausea. Read more...

Can you get pregnant if you take norethisterone I just started taking it for my irregular periods and was wondering what my chances were of conceiving?

More than zero. While this "mini-pill" is more effective than certain other methods of birth control (such as condoms, cervical cap, diaphragm), it is less effective than combination hormone (estrogen and progestin) birth control because it does not consistently prevent ovulation. You need to make sure you follow direction from the maker and discuss with your PMD giving you combination pills, if you can and need. Read more...