Testosterone level high increase body hair growth?

Maybe but it depends. Testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone (dht), which is androgenic - makes you more masculine. Dht is what stimulates male pattern body hair as well as male pattern baldness. Body & scalp hair also depend upon genetics, such as your family & ethnicity. In other words, if everyone in your family has lots of body hair, you will most likely have lots, too. But so can excess testosterone.

Related Questions

If my excessive body hair growth is not related to genetics or a high level of testosterone could there be some underlying problem?

You could have. Polycystic ovarian syndrome where there usually is too much testosterone and also other hormone imbalances and irregular periods. Also higher rates of depression than in women without it. Seek care if it bothers you.

Can I as an 18 y/o male have low testosterone? My voice is pretty high but I have normal body hair growth and muscle development. Penis is small.

Yes. One can have low testosterone, but high voice, and "small penis" do not necessarily mean this, and it is common for teenagers to be concerned about such things even when all is normal. I think you should discuss this with your family doctor. If there is a problem it can be investigated and if normal it would ease your mind. Do no be embarrassed as there is nothing doctors have not heard before.

I am 5'11 and weigh 140 lbs, would taking testosterone supplements stimulate body hair growth and growth of genital?

No. Enjoy who U R. You're a grown man and if you're having normal erections and ejaculations you're probably got maxed-out on your testosterone like the rest of us. Even gym-rats who take huge amounts of real testosterone don't get hairier or have their equipment grow. Smooth men get much less hair loss & most women seem to prefer it; a shorter penis is likely to get harder & stimulate a woman's best nerves easier.

In my late puberty I was treated with testosterone to help me grow, could this be related to my excessive body hair growth?

Side effects. Yes, testosterone can cause excessive hair growth. I would advise you to see your pcp for additional recommendations regarding this issue. Take care.
Doubtful. Usually body hair amounts are inherited. Having testosterone years ago would not have caused excessive body hair.

Does testosterone influence body hair growth?

Kinda, sorta. Body hair doesn't necessarily reflect testosterone levels which vary quite a bit during the day. However, higher testosterone is wasted as dihydrotestosterone which can cause loss of scalp hair. Genetics, as in family & ethnicity, probably have more to do w/body, facial & scalp hair. Of course, excess t in women can cause unwanted facial hair.

M 29 years old male with serum testosterone level 674 ng/dl. I have very less facial n body hair. What medication should I take?

None. You are giving your total testosterone level, not as good as free. However, this is above average. Facial and body hair are not only deterrmined by tesosterone levels but also by genetics. Chines and japanese are relatively hairless comapred to most caucasians, but hormone levels are identical. The same is true for most african blacks. No ethical physican would supplment you!

My serum testosterone level is 673 ng/dl. I have very less facial n body hair n poor muscle development. What should I do?

Exercise. Facial hair is based on genetics. What kind of facial hair did your father, grandfather, uncles, etc. Have? Your testosterone is normal, and not a problem. Muscle development can be radically improved by diet, exercise, & weight loss (if needed). Avoid supplements which won't help and can harm you. Don't get your medical information from friends, tv or the internet.