Starting new pack of micronor (norethindrone) a day late can I get pregnant now?

Possibly. The progestin only pills , as opposed to the pills that also contain estrogen, work by thickening the cervical mucous- and must be taken every day - same time - or the mucous will thin and sperm can easily be transported. Depending on where you are in your cycle - ex. Ovulation / there is a risk for pregnancy.

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Starting new pack of micronor (norethindrone) a day late; can I get pregnant?

Yes, but risk is low. Missing even 1 day with an oral contraceptive pill increases the chances of getting pregnant, but only by a small amount. It is generally recommended that if that happens, you take two pills per day for two days to get caught up - although this won't eliminate the increased risk of pregnancy completely. Read more...

Starting new pack of micronor (norethindrone) a day late. Do I need a back up method to avoid getting pregnant?

Late onset of micron. You should take the pill you were supposed to take yesterday as soon as you remember to take it and then take today's pill at the proper time today and you shouldn't need a back-up method this month. Read more...