Pcos and being african american with excessive hair growth. Who can help for free?

Difficult access. I agree someone with these problems should be seen. A huge issue in this country is being uninsured, despite recent changes in law. And adults with pre-existing conditions are at particular risk for being able to be covered for 2 more years. Health departments, community health care cneters can help. Many areas have free clinics, or a physician can make arrangements if you ask.
Free healthcare. Barak obama? Seriously, i'd start with a county clinic that usually provides care to the public. These general doctors may be able to consult a specialist to see you.

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Is it possibly to have hirsutism/excessive hair growth but not have pcos?

Absolutely. Pcos is the most common cause of hirsutism, but androgens are also secreted by the adrenal gland. A block in the metabolic cascade of these hormones can cause androgen elevation. Cushing's syndrome can also cause hirsutism. Some medications can cause hirsutism. There are also androgen-secreting tumors which can cause hirsutism. Occasionally no cause can be identified.

I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and excessive hair growth and im unable to loose weight does that mean ill never have children?

No. The are a number of good, effective ways to assist women with pcos to achieve pregnancy. Whether you are trying to get pregnant or not, however, you should find yourself a good obgyn. Women with pcos often have borderline diabetes (because of Insulin insensitivity), hyercholesterolemia, and amenorrhea (lack of a period). The latter can increase your risk of endometrial cancer.
Not at all. No! 10% of all women have pcos worldwide and that should not in any way prevent you from having children. Depending on your ovulation, it might alter how you go about it. And you may require fertility treatment. But generally that is very easy to do.

I suffer from pcos due to excessive hair growth all over my body. Would laser hair removal work?

Cause and effect. Pcos is a syndrome of increased androgen levels and Insulin resistance. The excessive hair growth is not a cause of pcos, but rather a symptom. Laser hair removal will work, but you also need to decrease androgen production through a combination of birth control pills and weight loss if overweight.

What to do if I have recently been diagnosed with pcos due to excessive hair growth all over my body. Would laser hair removal work?

PCOS and hair. Laser hair removal affects the follicle and root of the hair so should remove it permanently. However, patients with pcos may have thicker and more persistent hair growth so it may take more treatments to achieve the desired results. Furthermore, there are no long term studies evaluating the long-term effects of laser hair removal in pcos patients.

Why do I have excessive hair growth due to pcos?

Male hormones. All women produce male hormones, but women with pcos produce slightly higher levels of them than normal women, but much less than men do. Just as they do in men, these hormones make facial hair grow.
Simple. With pcos there are many, many small cysts on each ovary. Each of those cysts produce estrogen, but they also produce testosterone. The excess testosterone can cause hirsutism, it can also cause acne. See your doctor for treatment.

What to do about excessive hair growth due to pcos?

Treatment. You need treatement. First you need to verify you have PCOS by seeing a specialist. Treatment: Birth control -> Increased (SHBG) Sex hormone binding globulin that binds excess testosterone, reducing hair growth. Spironolactone -> decreases Testosterone levels Weight loss -> Reduces insulin levels which can cause elevated testosterone Laser/Electrolysis treatment: -> permanent treatment.

I am 22 and have excessive hair growth since I could remember I have been tested for pcos adrenal gland tumor and I have MRI and cat scans done numerous times and everything came back good and noone can tell me what's wrong. Anyone have an idea because I

No need for why. If your periods are normal and you are reasonably physically fit, then it is most likely that this is simply you. If you dislike the hair, removing it by electrolysis is a simple matter. Should you later develop other problems, such as hypertension or infertility, a real medical workup might be worth trying once again.