Over the counter pill for gout?

Antiinflammatories. Antiinflammatory pills are commonly used to treat the symptoms of gout. Ibuprofen and Naproxen are available over the counter, and of course are less powerful than prescriptions. However, these treat symptoms only and not the underlying problem. Make sure you consult with your doctor regardless to make sure the gout is being treated appropriately.
No. Gout is an inflammatory process. Taking Ibuprofen may help but you really need a prescription for some gout specific medications.

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Are there any over-the-counter pills for gout?

Not REALLY. Over the counter nsaids, aleve, (naproxen) motrin, may help an attack subside, but you need to lower uric acid. Allopurinol, uloric, and probenecid best accomplish, and require a prescription. Gout is more than arthritis! Read more...
No. I've seen cherry juice work, but there are no studies to back this up (yet). It takes a pretty strong anti-inflammatory to treat gout. It's unlikely motrin, advil, (ibuprofen) etc would be enough. Read more...