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Isp it possible to get psoriatic arthritis without psoriasis?

Absolutely. About 30% of the time psoriatic arthritis begins significantly earlier than the skin lesions.

Could anybody get psoriatic arthritis but not know about it?

No. Psoriatic arthritis causes pain and swelling. If you do not have these issues then you do not have psoriatic arthritis.

Is it possible for an 18 yrs old guy to get psoriatic arthritis?

Yes. There is no specific time point when a disease will present. Age guides are not set in stone and are simply a gauge based on clinical studies. A disease can occur at any time in a persons life, some just have more common ages at presentation.

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis 1 year ago. I worry a bit about nodules. I get them for what seems like nothing. I don't only get them on joint areas, I get them everywhere. Is there any research that could possibly explain why this happens and wh

Fibroblast trying. I think of it as fibroblast trying to heal inflamation they are b9.
Look into cleansing. See a doctor and ask about cleansing. You can get information at quicksilverscientific. Com dr. Chris shade has some excellent research and solutions... Detoxification products include imd intestinal cleanse, clear way cofactors phytonutrient antioxidant blend, etc.

Hi! 27/F. Psoriatic Arthritis, get "gout like" attacks in big toe where uric acid spikes, will colchicine help bring it down even though it is PA?

Probably. Psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and gout have been shown to have some type of relationship. Exactly how, is still unclear. People with psoriasis has an increased chance of having a gout attack and those with psoriatic arthritis, even higher. The uric acid level is being elevated by the effects of psoriasis breaking down cells and releasing the uric acid. The gout has be monitored and controlled.