I want more hair in my body, i'd like to have in my chest. I'm 30 years old, is there any way. I'm from s aisa?

Not Likely. Noticeable chest hair growth depends on heredity and genetics. Some men never grow chest hair. If you are going to have chest hair, it usually starts around the same time or shortly after beard growth. So some may have heavy chest hair by age 14-15, others early to mid 20s, and some will never have significant chest hair.
Genetics. The amount of hair on your chest is genetic. While there's talk of men using rogaine (minoxidil) on the chest and getting some results, the side effects are unpleasant and perhaps dangerous. The less chest hair you have naturally, the less male pattern baldness you will probably have. In the usa, most women seem to prefer a smooth man, and most male fitness models / tv stars shave their chests.