How is a TSH level different from a thyroid level?

TSH. Tsh- thyroid stimulating hormone is released by the pituitary in response to low thyroid (t4) hormone levels. Tsh then causes more T4 to be released from the thyroid. High levels of T4 turn off the release of TSH in what is called a negative feedback loop. This process keeps thyroid levels relatively constant.
TSH vs T4 . Tsh stands for thyroid stimulating hormone. Tsh is secreted by the brain to cause the thyroid to secrete thyroid hormone (t4).

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NO such answer. It would of course vary from person to person. Please do not yell your questions here. We can read them without all caps. Internet etiquette is important. Read more...

If my TSH level for thyroid is to high will having my thyroid removed help me feel better?

Please Clarify. A high TSH means that the thyroid is not working and there is no reason to remove the gland. Do you mean you thyroid is high and not the tsh? Read more...

If my TSH level is within the 'normal' range does it mean I don't have a thyroid problem? I've seen people who disagree with this

The reference range. The "reference range" for a lab result is sometimes called the "normal range," and thus confuses people into thinking that a person is normal if his lab value is within that range. Not quite what it means! Some normal people have results outside the reference range. Some abnormal people have results inside the reference range. Numbers are just numbers, thus the doctor looks at the whole picture. Read more...