Does anyone with an ovarian cyst have excessive hair growth?

Yes, some at risk. Ovarian cysts are very common and can cause pain, or no symptoms at all. However, a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome (pcos) can cause many serious problems. Women with pcos usually have irregular periods, infertility and abnormal hair growth. Unusual hair growth in a woman should be evaluated.
PCOS. Ovarian cysts do not cause high androgen levels. Isolated cysts are common. There is a condition called poly cystic ovarian syndrome which is associated with high male hormone levels. The cysts themselves are not the problem per se.

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Could my acne be related to ovarian cysts and excess facial hair? Last checked (about a month ago) hormones were okay. My cycles are regular 28 days.

Yes. Respectfully, I doubt we fully understand a woman's hormonal symphony. The question we can answer isn't whether you have a relative excess of androgens or what else may be involved, but whether your acne can be treated effectively. If you want, it can be, whether by the oral contraceptive pill, topical rx (clindamycin, retinoic acid, benzoyl peroxide), and/or systemic antibiotics. Thanx 4 writing.

I had a ovarian cysts rupture. A few months ago and I have been losing hair I have a very big patch of hair missing is this normal?

No. Your loss may not be related to your ovarian cyst. Various diseases will cause hair loss from chemotherapy, depression, thyroid problem, ringworm fungus infection, your description looks like ' alapecia aereata' or patchy baldness due to autoimmune diseases or ringworm infection.. First see your family doctor after medical check up will refer you to a skin doctor.

Best birth control pills for pcos. I deal with hair loss & painful ovarian cysts.?

Trial and error. There is no one "best" pill for ANY condition, although the pill manufacturers may try to make you believe there is. You need to work with a doctor who can go through the process with you. Good wishes.

I have had hormonal acne, ovarian cyst, hair growth. All symptoms for imbalance I have. I know I have hormone imbalance so why did test come back norm?

Depends on tests. Which tests should be done for hormonal imbalance? For example, it is important to test for free testosterone and not just for total testosterone because it's the free form that causes symptoms. Also other hormones: dhea-s, androstenedione, fsh, lh, estradiol, progesterone, 17oh progesterone, prolactin, hg a1c. Tests to be done when off hormone pills x at least 1 month and on day 2-3 of cycle.