Does an all organic vegetarian diet help fibro?

Probably yes. By fibro do you mean fibromyalgia? To my knowledge, research has not been done to definitively answer this question, but i recommend an all organic diet to everyone & vegetarian diets have many proven benefits. I do advise an anti-inflammatory diet, which is primarily vegetarian but can include wild salmon/sardines/other healthy fish: http://www.Drweil.Com/drw/u/art02012/anti-inflammatory-diet.
Probably not. ? vegetarian diet best for Fibromyalgia, FM. Sufferers commonly deconditioned w. weak/spastic/pained soft tissues /muscles; from disuse secondary to pain from mechanical injury &/or convalescence from chronic illness. Development of stronger/toned soft tissues requires exercise & protein available for growing muscle mass. Long-term health seems related to vegetarianism, but not FM rehabilitation.