Can I switch back to vicodin from mobic (meloxicam)?

Vicodin mobic (meloxicam) I assume that you were placed on Mobic (meloxicam) as you do not need vicodin any more. Why would you switch. It's not a good idea to go back onto a short acting agent having been on it already.

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I was cleaning the house and now my arms and legs hurt really bad. I took some mobic (meloxicam) already. What else can I do to help the pain? Can I take vicodin?

Conservative Care. You have used muscles that you generally don't use which tells me you are somewhat deconditioned. A good regular exercise program is in order. In the meantime. You can ice the more painful areas and stretch. A nice bath in a hot tub can be relaxing to strained muscles as well. One should not take narcotic pain relievers for muscular pain post exercise/activity.
Don't overtreat. Why don;t you just take tylenol (acetaminophen) and in a day or so the pain should resolve. Why take narcotics like vicodin for a minor issue.