Anyone know exactly how estrogen increases the risk of heart problems?

Clotting factors. 'exactly' is tough in a short general answer, but Estrogens stimulate production of clotting factors in the liver, increasing coaguability (risk of clot) in the blood vessels.

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Does birth control pill Clarissa have estrogen if so does it put my at risk of any heart problems?

Huh? Dr. Google cannot find any birth control pill named "Clarissa". Nor can Epocrates, an extensive professional pharmaceutical database. Are you sure you're spelling it correctly? In general, all birth control pills have estrogen and all have a small increased risk of clots including heart disease. The risk is higher in women who smoke or/and who have high blood pressure, or are older (not you).

I've been taking a statin for a month, mainly to raise HDL and lower glucose. No ttl cholesterol or heart problems. Should I add co-q-10 to the mix?

You can. There seems to be some good synergy between the 2 products. Uh, by the way, statins may actually have some effects on sugar control and new onset diabetes, according to a recent study. They are extremely important drugs for primary and secondary prevention of heart disease and strokes, so keep at it. Just watch ur pie hole and exercise!
No statin needed. Statin drugs deplete the body of coq10. Anyone taking a statin should take coq10 but I prefer managing glucose and HDL with diet & exercise. They are very effective.

I had an ooph which I believe increases heart problems, plus high cholesterol, now I am on calcium & strontium r, are these triple risks for my heart?

Women and heart. Estrogen seems to protect women from heart disease until menopause. Other primary risk factors are family hx of heart disease, smoking, hypertension and obesity.

How can long term breast feeding increase heart problems for the baby?

It doesn't... Breastfeeding is great for babies in every way for babies...It would not increase the chances for heart problems in a baby. The only exception would be if the mother is taking a dangerous medication that could be transferred in the mother's milk. Ask the person who prescribed the medication or your pharmacist.
Never Heard This One. You sound confused! Breast feeding has been shown to perhaps decrease heart disease in mom and baby. I have never heard of it causing heart trouble in anyone!

I think I am having heart problems or mini strokes I am way over weight my blood pressure is border line high and I take cholestrol meds I am exhausted before I begin my day can sleep at the drop of a hat. This week I can not raise my left arm with ou

Exhaustion, . Exhaustion, lack of energy and weakness, associated with your cardiac history and obesity, can be signs of heart failure. If you are experiencing chest pain, shortness of breath and arm pain, call 911. Do not drive. These are classic signs of heart attack. Timely treatment of heart attack is crucial for optimum treatment and recovery. I recommend you call 911 right away and be taken to the emergency room.
sleep disorder. These are fairly classic symptoms of a sleep disorder...Possible an obstructive sleep apnea. See a physician and he will suggest a sleep study to determine the various aspects of your problem. A CPAP machine or an oral appliance may offer drastic help for you. Don't delay.
Sleep apnea. Please see your physician and discuss the possibility of sleep apnea. An overnight witnessed sleep study is required to diagnose this life threatening condition. If that is the problem, supplemental oxygen can be provided by a continuous positive airway machine (cpap) and may save your life.
Reconsider the. Taking of the cholesterol drug as that may be causing all of your symptoms. But if you lose 25 pounds by sincere effort, you will feel better. Get into weight loss program with group and stay with it, .