Any new solutions to controlling rsd?

Manual therapy. In the 50s travell, md a pain pioneer concluded that chronic tissue pain was caused by numerous trigger points in muscle fibers causing the muscles to contract compressing nerves, vessels and alter the flow of lymphatics. Rds develops from this myofascial dz. Early therapy is the key with myofascial release therapy with massage, tissue therapy, trigger pt injs w Lidocaine and acupuncture.
Several possiblities. Rsd is a complex disorder which is really poorly understood. As a pain doctor, i've seen quite a few rsd patients. Some respond to meds, some to osteopathic manipulation. Quite a few respond to topical or ingested medical marijuana. If legal in your state, it could prove quite helpful to try. Consult an osteopathic doc for a hands-on diagnosis to see if manipulation could be part of your treatment.