Do you need another pap test for getting birth control?

Typically. Most physicians will want to do a physical and pap smear before giving you birth control pills, particularly the first time. However, speak to your physician. If you had a pap smear 6 months ago, they will typically give you enough to get to your next physical.

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I want to get a refill on my birth control do I have a right to decline a pap test and still get a prescription?

That is between you. Your doc, if u were my pt, you would have to come for a visit (once per yr if no problems) so I could check your BP and do a pelvic, if you wanted to decline the pap I would make you sign a form, but I would never give u a script without doing the other part of the exam to make sure everything is ok like no high blood pressure or pelvic tumors.
Yes. You have the right to decline any testing or treatment but your doctor also has the right to decline the prescription if he/she feels you are not doing proper screening tests or may not be compliant with medications. These are for safety reasons regarding ocps and not just to be "mean". If you are having sex you need to have pap screening for cervical cancer, screening for std's, and a pelvic.

If I do not get a pap test can my doctor discontinue to perscribe me birth control medication?

Yes and no. Prescription meds should be continued only in the setting of an ongoing physician-patient relationship. An annual evaluation is what I would consider a minimum to maintain a working relationship with a patient. A pap should not be required to continue birth control- it is only a test and is no longer recommended annually. An annual exam should be done with or without a pap.