How do I control pain due to nerve damage in my foot & ankle because of a compound fracture?

Fracture . This is a very difficult scenario to manage. Very often after sustaing the type of injury you describe pain is always present. In my practice i will use a brace for limiting motion and often incorporate physical therapy.
Couple. There are many medications to try if the pain has continued since the injury has healed. You may want to consult a pain specialists or neurologist so they can test and access the source of the damage.

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Treatments for a compound fracture in my foot?

Depends. Depends on the details of the fracture and their location. Treatments could include cast immobilization to surgical intervention. Evaluation by a podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon would be beneficial. Read more...
Depends. ... On the location and extent of your injury. If the fracture is not stable or is displaced, you may need surgery to stabilize the fracture with internal or external fixation devices including pins, screws and plates. Your foot will need to be immobilized with a splint, cast, or rigid walking boot depending on the location of the injury. Have you physician determine what is best for you. Read more...