What type of seasonal allergy causes a skin rash?

Pollen & Dust mites. Direct contact of the skin with grass pollen can cause a contact hive, and some individulas find that thier eczema worsens during a pollen season. Exposure to dust mites can also aggravate eczema.
Skin Rash. Skin is the largest organ so it is not uncommon to have hives or dermatitis. Find out what you are allergic to in order to have a better idea.

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What kind of seasonal allergy could cause a skin rash?

See Below. Seasonal allergies do not usually directly cause skin rashes. However, people with seasonal allergies are more likely to suffer from asthma an eczema due to an overall increased sensitivity to allergens. Read more...
Pollen or molds. Any seasonal allergy can cause or aggravate eczema including trees, grass, weeds and even outdoor mold spores. Keeping windows closed during the specific season is useful in decreasing exposure to the outdoor or seasonal allergens. Read more...