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How can I treat celiac disease?

Gluten Free diet. The treatment for celiac disease is to avoid all foods containing gluten. Gluten is most commonly found in barley, wheat and rye grains. You must be a very careful label reader and check for these items in the ingredients list. There are many more gluten free options available in the supermarkets now. If you have been diagnosed with celiac this is a lifelong diet plan.

What happens to someone who doesn't get their celiac disease treated?

Many complications. Celiac disease leads to destruction of the lining of the small intestine. Therefore, it is associated with abdominal pain, bloating diarrhea, some times to the point of malnutrition. "irritable bowel syndrome" is sometimes actually un-diagnosedceliac disease. Rashes that look like herpes "dermatitis herpetiformis" may occur. Sometimes joint and tendon inflammation.

What treats can I serve at a party when one child has celiac disease?

Talk to mom. Given the food intolerance, it would be best to talk to the child's mom for guidance and make sure she is comfortable with the food prepared.

Which valentines treats can I give my class if one child has celiac disease?

Ask the parent. Why give food or treats for valentines day? There may be children with other food allergies or sensitivities that you are not aware of. Consider non food activities instead. If you still must have food, then please contact the child's parent (s) and seek their advice. They know what affects their child.
Celiac. Two options: got to foodallergy. Org for gluten-free recipes or make normal treats and ask celiac pupils mother to make something gluten-free that the child likes and have that for the child.

Any good commercially available halloween treats for child with celiac disease?

Many brands. A good site with brand name manufactures lists is http://celiacdisease. About. Com/od/glutenfreefoodshopping/a/gfcandies. Htm.
Yes. According to ingredients listed on the internet hershey's kisses, chocolate and peanut m&m's and lifesavers are gluten free. Chocolate itself doesn't contain gluten so pure chocolate candy is safe but be careful of chocolate bars e.g. Twix bars contain a biscuit core. Also, most hard candies are made from sugar and corn syrup, so don't contain gluten. Recipes change so always read labels.

How can you treat gluten intolerance and celiac disease?

Avoidance. Currently, the only treatment for celiac disease and gluten issues is to eliminate gluten containing foods (wheat and other grains) from the diet completely and indefinitely.

How are gluten intolerance and celiac disease typically treated?

Gluten-free diet. A gluten-free diet usually makes symptoms go away. Celiac disease (gluten allergy) occurs in a person who may have a genetic tendency to react abnormally to gluten. Something causes his immune system to over-react to gluten. Later, when he eats foods containing gluten, his immune system reacts with the intestine that is digesting the gluten, thus causing intestinal problems and abnormal digestion.
Celiac. Strict avoidance of any gluten containing products with supplementation of vitamins and minerals for whatever is lost with the elimination of gluten from the diet.

Can inflammation from celiac disease be treated with steroids? Is that customary or is altering diet only treatment?

Only diet. The main treatment for celiac disease is to avoid eating any foods that contain gluten. Even the smallest amount of gluten is harmful and can cause symptoms in some people. No steroid.