What over-the-counter medicine is best for a runny nose with sneezing and an itch?

Antihistamine. The symptoms you are describing are usually (but not always) due to allergies. An antihistamine (like benedryl, zyrtec, Claritin (loratadine) or allegra) is most likely to be helpful. Side effects (mostly sleepiness) are different for different antihistamines, so choose one appropriate to your needs.
There are 3---- Try Allegra zyrtec or Claritin (loratadine) --- just read labels for precautions -- and the generics of these work just as well and are cheaper. If these don't help enough , see an allergist.

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My right ear itches a lot. It itches more when I have runny nose or when I'm sneezing a lot (which I do every morning). Why is it? What should I do?

Nonspecific. This is a nonspecific symptom that could be due to dry skin, yeast infection of the ear canal, allergic reaction,etc. Is there a rash? You could try occasionally applying a cortisone type cream to the itchy area. If the ear canal is itchy or peels,have a physician examine your ear to see if ear drops would help. If there are allergies,benadryl(causes drowsi'ess) or Claritin(nondrowsy) should help. Read more...

What over-the-counter drug do you suggest for a heavy "wet" cough with runny nose and sneezing?

Mucinex (guaifenesin) If you feel like you have an infection, you may want to avoid antihistamines, because they hinder you from clearing the infection quickly. Therefore, decongestants and Guaifenesin may be helpful. Mucinex (guaifenesin) d has both, but taking it at night can cause insomnia. Plain Mucinex (guaifenesin) can be taken at any hour. These are expectorants and can help you clear secretions. Your immune system does the rest; or see md. Read more...

What over-the-counter medication can you give to an 8 month old baby for having a runny nose and quite a bit of sneezing?

None. Normal saline nose drops followed by suctioning the mucus is the most effective for young infants. Keep the air humid with a vaporizer. Do not use honey for infants under 1 year; it can cause botulism which can be fatal. If fever, decreased feeding, lethargy, breathing difficulty, wheezing-see your dr. Read more...