How can you have a bowel movement after having a back and neck injury?

Bowel program. If you are referring to a spinal cord injury, the bowel can be trained to have regular movements. This often requires several steps and is taught during rehabilitation.
Depend on cause. If you have experienced a spinal cord injury, you should contact your doctor for bowel & bladder management techniques. If this is secondary to medication, a change of medication may be helpful. The drinking of plentiful liquids, eating a high fiber diet may helpful. The use of prescription or otc stool softness and laxatives may help. Daily exercises may serve as a stimulant.

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I need to know how to make a friend have a bowel movement after she had a back and neck injury?

Bowel medications. If your friend has a spinal cord injury (with paralysis), then you should consult a physician to ensure a safe technique. If the constipation is due to pain medications, it is wise to take a stool softener once or twice daily while taking pain pills. For a home remedy, try a dulcolax 10 mg suppository placed in the rectum and she should have results in an hour. See a doctor if there is no result. Read more...