Could a carpal tunnel release be the cause of developing trigger finger?

No. Carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger are two conditions that are often seen in association with one another. Often times, patients develop trigger finger after surgical correction of carpal tunnel syndrome (and vice versa). While surgery can cause inflammation and increase the possibility of developing trigger finger, the underlying condition was probably present at the outset.
Yes, but not likely. It is not uncommon to develop swelling in the hand after a carpal tunnel release. Sometimes swelling can affect the tendons and tendon sheath. If this occurs, triggering may develope. It may also be unrelated. Carpal tunnel syndrome (cts) and trigger finger have overlapping patient demographics. Oral/injectable steroids and therapy should relieve your symptoms.
Trigger finger. Often the two conditions occur together. There are also times when the swelling that one may get or the failure to move mormally after surgery may contribute to the worsening of conditions for trigger finger. Splints also often can hit and irritate the palm and that splint often has an edge right near where the pulley for the trigger finger is irritated.