How do you treat a severely sprained ankle?

See below. X-ray to rule out fracture. Possible ultrasound to rule out ligament or tendon tears. Compression boot to immobilize and control swelling, probable crutches for no weight bearing.
Sprain. A severly sprained ankle is treat with rest ice compression elevation and immobilization as well as non weight bearing. Subsequent treatment is based in the patients symptoms.

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Severely sprained ankle 3years ago. Gets a lot worse (pain, stiffness)in summer when hot. What could it be and how could I treat it? Thank you very much!

Kankle. I am not so sure that the pain and stiffness is due to the actual seasonal differences as more due to the increased activity levels associated with warmer weather. Having said that, there could be some residual internal ankle derangement from the ankle trauma. This could involve bone, cartilage or soft issue elements. It might be time to have your ankle re-evaluated for treatment possibilities.
Muscle contractures. Your problem is likely muscle contractures or 'trigger points' from the original injury. Torn muscle forms scar tissue within the muscle body; this is non flexible unlike the rest of the muscle fibers. It also pull on the adjacent muscle fibers causing pain and stiffness. Try ice and any of the OTC NSAID/Lidocaine creams/ointments. If that doesn't work, you'll need to see a Pain Mgmt doctor.
Sprained. If it's still painful after 3 years it would Be worthwhile to get a mri to evaluate the ligaments and to see if there is any cartilage damage.

Best way to treat a sprained ankle?

It depend. We grade torn ligament to three levels. 1-grade 1. 2-grade 2. 3-grade 3. The first two usually are treated non surgical, by cast or brace for about 4-6 weeks. The third one usually treated surgically.

How can you treat a sprained ankle?

Ankle Sprain. It may heal on its own with rest, ice, compression and elevation and a gradual return to your normal activities. However, a period of time in a boot or use of crutches may be necessary depending on the severity. A physical exam by an orthopedic physician will better be able to determine your appropriate course of treatment. Hope this helps and good luck!

How can you treat my sprained ankle?

PRICE but see the Dr. Protection - immobilize rest ice compression elevation see the podiatrist for a complete examination. If you self treat and it's a severe sprain, the soft tissue injury can potentially create more problems if unchecked.

How should I treat my sprained ankle?

Ice-elevation ACE. Depending on the degree of the ankle sprain, ace wrap and ice should be applied first. Immobilization with a gradual return to range of motion activity. If severe with ankle instability, surgical repair with ligament repair or tendon stabilization. Professional opinion is recommended.
R.I.C.E. Rest Ice Compression Elevation If there is ongoing pain on weight bearing after 3 days of above treatment, it is prudent to see a Doctor to organise X Rays. Http://www. Webmd. Com/a-to-z-guides/tc/ankle-sprain-treatment-overview.

How can I treat a twisted/sprained ankle?

See below. Initially, rest, ice, compression/immobilization. If severe or persists, see ankle specialist.

What can you do to treat a sprained ankle?

RICE. For an acute ankle sprain, rice/ice/compression/elevation, antiinflammatory medication or acetaminophen, ankle support, and occasional physical therapy are the initial treatment modalities. If symptoms persist, a further workup may be required.

How can you treat a twisted/sprained ankle?

RICE. Rice. Rest- 24 to 28 hrs. Avoid activities that require use of your ankle. Ice- for first 2 days after injury, apply ice for 15 to 20 minutes every few hours. A bag of frozen peas is good. Compression- you can wrap your foot, ankle & lower leg with an ace wrap. Make sure it is not so tight that it decreases your circulation. Elevate- elevate ankle above your heart. Can prop on a pillow.
Ankle sprain. To heal a sprained ankle, it depends on the severity of the sprain. If its a chronically sprained ankle with constant pain and instability, it will take longer than a mild outside sprain. Usually 3-4 weeks of rest, icing, antiinflammatory meds (like advil (ibuprofen) or motrin), bracing or compressing wraps, with or without physical therapy should the starting treatment. Hope that helped!