How soon after my child is born will I know if she has cerebral palsy?

It depends . There are certain milestones that we look for, among them head control, independent sitting, the achievement of mature reflexes and the loss of immature reflexes. Your pediatrician will monitor for these and make referrals as necessary.
0.5 years. For more serious occurrences of cp, signs and symptoms become apparent by 6 months of age. These include delayed milestones, altered motor tone and specific findings--like persistent infantile reflexes. However, milder CP and dystonic CP may not become clear until the child is 2 or 3 years of age.
Difficult to say. Some injuries and problems are clear at birth, others depend on measuring the delay in 'milestones' of development compared to the normal charts. Your pediatrician will follow this closely. Language is difficult to access before 2 years. Motor problems can be identified earlier. Ask for physical therapy to help with any delay in motor skills. Develop a trusting relationship with the doctors.
2 years. Cerebral palsy (CP) of all types involves problems with motor control. Because of this, children with CP do not walk on time. Some do not walk at all. So, if your child is not walking by 18 months of age, an evaluation should be launched looking for the cause. CP is one of several diagnoses that should be considered.
Has your fetus had a. "stroke", hemorrhage or atypical brain development? The brain starts to form 3 weeks after conception, at which time alcohol, drugs or tobacco can alter its development. Is there a prenatal diagnosis or family history of a disorder that causes CP? If so, begin Early Intervention upon discharge, before signs/symptoms appear. If not, use developmental screens on &