What causes painful muscle spasms?

Lack of circulation. Most muscle spasms will happen after workingout due to the lack of good blood circulation in the muscle. By stretching and doing a lighter workout you should be able to avoid these cramps as you develop new blood vessels. If changing your routine does not remedy the cramping consult your doctor. There are other causes that wll be need to be checked.

Related Questions

What could cause extremely painful muscle spasms in my leg?

Lack of practice. If you overuse a muscle it spasms when not warmed up--of course the most common electrolyte abnormality mg, k--then it could be caused by nerve if you have neuropathy-- if persist same place ask your doc.

What causes a painful muscle spasm in the calf muscle?

A charlie horse..... Large muscles use a lot of energy to do work, and this is supplied by blood. If the supply is not adequate their can be painful spasm; and if metabolites from heavy activity are not removed there can be spasm. Other causes can be a trapped nerve root irritating the muscle. Some people have greater likelihood of spasm due to underlying genetic causes.

Could stress cause painful muscle spasms in your rectum?

Have it examined. Since there are a lot or reasons for rectal spasm, I would have it checked out and examined.

I wonder how long painful muscle spasms/issues in my whole back last which are caused by a bulging disc? It's been 1 month since I got injured.

Variable. Muscle spasms are usually secondary to pain or something that is irritating your back (disc). They can last weeks or longer depending on the work that u do or activity level. See your ors for an evaluation and he can also prescribe tx. For your muscle spasms (heat, massage, possibly muscle relaxer, etc), good luck!

When someone trails their finger down my spine, it causes extremely painful muscle spasms all over my back. Why? Parents have degenerative disks, im 20

Sensitive. This is not likely related to DJD. You may just be sensitive. Some people are very sensitive to tactile stimulation ("tactile defensiveness") Of course I don't know enough of your history. IT does not sound kike a serious problem m, but if concerned, you should check with your doctor.