What is the best way to get our baby circumcised?

Before leaving hosp. The easiest, best way to get a baby circumcised is for the doctor to do it while the baby is still in the hospital. If the doctor uses a gomco clamp, the penis will look "finished" when the circumcision is done.
PlastiBell device. In my opinion safest method because string used over groove in plastibell has compressed blood vessels to foreskin so they don't bleed. Correct size must be used. There is greater danger of post circuncision bleeding with either gomco or mogen clamps. Plastibell also easier yo adjust to avoid removing too much skin, easier than with other devices. This is just my opinion.
Safety First. There are a number of surgical methods of circumcision.I would seek safety first, which usually involves a shielding device for the glans.Whatever method, it should be one in which the doctor is experienced and comfortable using.Pain can be controlled with local anesthetic, either injected or applied gel or cream.
Newborn/doc's choise. I've done it several ways and participated in procedures done in both newborns and older kids. I prefer the Gomco clamp, because it is hard to mess up & produces a finished look quicker.The Plastibell generates lots of calls from moms who think their kids penis looks infected (it's not) & harder to predict the amount taken off.Newborns can be done with a local, older kids general anesthesia.
Talk with Doctor. There are several techniques for circumcision. It is important to talk with your physician and get their input. Choose a technique with which your physician is comfortable and has experience. Be aware that there can be compications with any technique, and this is not a required procedure.