What can cause itchiness, thirst, and excessive urination?

Please get evaluated. Many different things can cause each of these symptoms, but it is very important to see your primary care physician as soon as you can for a history, physical, and some tests. He or she can assess these symptoms, look for signs, and make sure an important diagnosis like diabetes is not missed.

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Hi. I just had my gallblader removed on monday and now I have: itchy body, fainting, frequent urination and thirst, weakness and bloating. Is it normal? What could be thecause?

Surgery. Most likely result of gallbladder surgery. Bloating can be normal. Urinary symptoms could be due to uti.
Abnormal. These are not normal postoperative events. You should consult your dr. And be evaluated for the causes of these symptoms.
Not normal. These are not normal. I recommend calling your surgeon for further advice and evaluation. I'm sure your surgeon would like to be informed of these symptoms.