What are autism spectrum disorders?

Latest umbrella term. For decades, the broad term for disorders like autism has been pervasive developmental disorder (pdd). It included autism, asperger's disorders, and several other seemingly related disorders. For the past 10 years of so, ASD has become increasingly popular and probably will be the new umbrella term for autism and related disorders in the new diagnostic manual due out in a year or so.
DSM-V classification. The dsm-v is expected to publish in may 2013. It has replaced some of the seperate categories with a continuum involving similar diagnostic criteria. For more detail: http://cpancf. Com/autismspectrumdisorder. Asp.

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What's a autism spectrum disorder?

Autism. It would be related conditions like aspergers's syndrome.
Autism Spectrum DO. It is classified as pervasive developmental disorder, and includes Asperger syndrome, autism, childhood disintegrative disorder & rett syndrome. It is characterized by social deficits, communication difficulties, stereotyped or repetitive behaviors or interests & sometimes cognitive delays.
DSM-V Term. The term has been around and used to cover a range of disorders classified separately under dsm-iv but the new system for psychiatric classification in the U.S. Will be out in may 2013 - for more see: http://cpancf. Com/autismspectrumdisorder. Asp.
Neurodevelopmental. The term Autism Spectrum Disorder is used to describe any child with Autism, whether they are high or low functioning. This is a newer classification system that is not always used consistently used in discussion. Before this change in terms patients were classified as having Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not otherwise specified and Aspergers. This change is really semantics.

What is asd (autism spectrum disorder) and how can it be treated?

Autism spectrum. Autism has many different ways of manifesting itself. The treatment depends on what p[roblems the pateint has. It is usually a multi pronged treatment approach.
Developmental. It is a neurodevelopmental disorder that manifests in the first three years of life and very often in the first year. There is a wide range of dysfunction and this will dictate what services are needed. It is good to have a primary with knowledge of useful biomedical interventions who can help coordinate appropriate therapies like speech, occupational, physical and behavioral.
Aspergers. Watch these two shows for my most clear answer. Autism spectrum and aspergers in 8 mins. Http://youtu. Be/xg1ngp1ngds. Aspergers and the dsm5 http://youtu. Be/f5sfe6dqhro.

What are therapies for autism spectrum disorders in high school and beyond?

See below. There are effective treatments. Applied behavioral analysis, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. In some cases medication may help for severe aggression, hyperactivity, or even with repetitive behaviors. Risperdal is actually an fda approved medication to treat autism.
Transition to. Adulthood is tough sometimes, as parents have to decide if they want legal guardianship. If not, they have no say in medical care in their 18-year-olds & up who have both autism & intellectual disability. Schools start transition plans at age 14, meeting with parents & student to find a workplace & social supports. Research guidelines for ssi, medicaid & other services at 18 on autism speaks.
Challenges. We do not have a therapy for ASD but we do have therapies for the associated challenges. For instance, if a high school student has trouble holding a conversation they may benefit from speech therapy or social skills training or role play or even some on line social games. If ritualistic behavior is worse medications and cognitive behavioral therapy is helpful.

What are classic symptoms of autism spectrum disorder?

Varies. Autism disorders occur on a spectrum from fairly mild impairment to very severe. Patients with ASD have problems with social interaction, communication, processing sensory information and intellectual disabilities. For a complete list and more explanation look at the cdc site. Http://www. Cdc. Gov/ncbddd/autism/signs. Html.
Often less social. There is not a single type of autism. Every one with this label functions a little differently. But in general each one has some depree of problem with: social skills, empathy, communication, and flexible behavior. The level of disability and combination of problems vary greatly from individual to individual. Some speak normally, others don't speak at all.

What are the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder for adults?

Autism in adults. Adults have difficulty maintaining work or social relations ships as they cannot stay focused. Some jos that involve no interpersonal skills are greatly performed.

What is the treatment for autism spectrum disorder?

Many out there, but. Only some are considered as established treatments according to national autism center. They are: antecedent package, behavioral package, comprehensive behavioral treatment for young children, joint attention intervention, modeling, naturalistic teaching strategies, peer training package, pivotal response treatment, schedules, self-management, and story-based intervention package.
Multi-dimensional. Autism manifests in various forms, probably has various causes, & is extremely complex to treat. Behavioral & social interventions are important, & increasingly psychoactive medications play an important role. These meds need be carefully selected & titrated for the individual, possibly addressing such features as anxiety, anger, mood, hyperactivity, etc. See a true expert& get the right rx.

Assessments for autism spectrum disorders? Which places in the u.S. Don't over-diagnose or under-diagnose?

See below. If there are concerns regarding any developmental issue, first stop is at the pediatrician's for a full exam and history (including development). If the pediatrician agrees with your concern, the next step is with either a pediatric neurologist or developmental-behavioral specialist for further evaluation and management. As long as a complete eveluation is done, there's no need to travel elsewhere.
UI. Http://www. Uihealthcare. Com/depts/uibehavioralhealth/patients/autismspectrum/clinic. Html multi-disciplinary teams like this one perform thorough assessments of overall development as well as diagnostic evals for autism. The appt. Is from 8 am to ~ 1 pm. Prognosis in autism depends on level of cognition, degree of autism & early response to behavioral & educational therapy.

What sort of problem is an autism spectrum disorder?

Autism. Autism is in news lately. It is a dysfunction of the ability of a person to relate to others. It is sometimes associated with slow learning but a less common form (asperger's) has a high rate of focused talent. The cause is unknown but seems to be a 'wiring" disorder of the brain. It is not related to vaccine use. This is a very frustrating illness for parents who want to have love returned.
Common. Pdd occurs in about 1% of the population. It occurs more in males, is definitely genetic, & may be associated with many environmental toxins (but not vaccinations). There is a remarkable amount of research going on in this field. The american academy of pediatircs has guidelines for the early identification & treatment of pdd kids. This approach has resulted inimprovements in pdd patients.
Autism part 2. Most autistic kids see material things rather than linguistic or interpersonal things. They see the world as a material, not verbal, environment. Treatment is directed trying to turn this around by early intervention. See nimh website on autism disorders. See your pediatrician for further intervention. See my health guides for more information.
Biologic disorder. What is now being called ASD is a cluster of disorders that have in common major disruption typically from a very early age in the development of social interactions, communication, and behaviors. The cause (s) remain unknown. The core feature is a markedly diminised to absent ability to socially connect with others. Language is absent or odd, as are some behaviors.

Is there any medication for autism spectrum disorder?

No, but individuals. With ASD have varied symtoms and medicaions may be useful intreating specific symtpoms, such as hyperactivity or anxiety or aggression with medicaions that are used with other primary disorders, such as anxiety disorder or ADHD. Consultation with a specialist is a medical center may be helpful.