How can you relieve pollen allergies?

Medication. Most people can obtain relief of their allergy symptoms with medications. The otc antihistamines, such as claritin, (loratadine) Allegra and zyrtec (all available generically) work for many patients. Prescription intranasal corticosteroids and antihistamines are a good option for more severe symptoms. When these do not work, allergen immunotherapy (allergy injections) should be considered.
Depends on severity. Three types of pollens cause allergic reactions: tree, grass, and weed. Relief can come from avoidance (difficult for pollen); medications, and for moderate to severe allergies, allergy shots (the best for long term cure). Individuals with moderate to severe pollen allergy should see a board-certified allergist to identify the specific trigger (sometimes it's not the suspected pollen) and tx.