How long will it take for four impacted wisdom teeth extractions to heal?

7 to 10 days. Typically it takes about a week for healing following third molar removal. Variables for extended healing time would be age, existing infection, smoking and others. For full gum surface to close is about two weeks and internal bone healing takes months. Most discomfort however should be gone within ten days.
Varies. You will have your sutures removed about 7 days post -op. For all practical purposes you will be considered "healed" at this point although it actually takes months for the extraction sites to fully heal.
Wisdom teeth healing. Typically patients feel pretty good 5-7 days after having impacted wisdom teeth extracted. If pain persists, contact your dentist or oral surgeon, as there are things they can do to alleviate long-term pain. Tissue healing time depends on the patient's ability to heal. Younger patients heal very quickly, while older or immunocompromised patients may take longer.
It varies. Depending upon the individual person, how deeply impacted the teeth are and following post-operative instructions. Typically, i advise patients to avoid strenuous activity for 3-7 days depending on the difficulty of taking the teeth out.
Varies. The older we are, the slower we heal. The healthier we are the better we heal. The difficulty of the extraction, the ammount of bone that was disturbed or removed to properly do the surgery all slow down the healing process. Ideal age is usually 18-24, perfectly healthy and teeth errupted and in good position. Then probably 1-2 weeks, go down hill from there.