Why do I constantly have a headache?

Can't answer on line. Too difficult a question. Too many possibilities. Need to see your doc.
Take your pick! Brain tumor, sinusitis, multi-infarct dementia, transient ischemic attack, temporal arteritis, subarachnoid hemorrhage, lead poisoning, paresthesia, tmj, abcessed tooth or teeth, cracked tooth, eye strain, etc. In short, do not self diagnose, seek professional help as pain is usually a sign your body needs help. Most importantly, make sure the final diagnosis makes sense to you!
Get checked out. A good start at finding potential headache triggers would be to maintain a diary. Every time you have a headache write down what you were doing, the foods you ate that day, alcohol, smoking, caffeine, stress, how much sleep you had the night before, eye strain, etc. Try to find patterns in your headache so that you can learn what things to avoid. Get checked by your doctor.

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Why do I constantly have headaches?

Many possibilities. One common cause is dehydration, meaning you might need to drink a lot more water. However, the list of causes for headaches is a VERY long list. You should see your doctor to discuss your headaches. From that information you can help decide what type of headache you are having, and maybe the cause, but, also important, you can help decide what to do about them. Best of luck in your treatment.

Why do I constantly have headaches? I'm on bc.

Perhaps migraines. Some bcp's do promote migraine headaches, especially if higher dose estrogens, but not always one to one. If you smoke, take bcp's. And have migraine, complication risk gets higher, so maybe see neurologist, get this diagnosed and treated.
Headaches. Your headaches could be coming from tension, dehydration, lack of sleep/poor sleep, skipping meals, stress, teeth grinding, sleep apnea/snoring, or chronic sinus problems among other things. See a doctor to get checked out so you can get som ehelp for your headaches.

Doctors can you tell me why do I have constant headaches and neck pain?

Cervicogenic HA. Is one of the most unusual headaches because the pain truly isn’t in the head. Cervicogenic headache is referred pain perceived in the head from a source in the neck. Treatments include nerve blocks, physical therapy, Botox injections, and medications. Physical therapy and breathing exercises produce the best results. See a pain management specialist for the actual source of the pain.