When shoud heart artery stenoses be stented or bypassed?

Depends. When blood flow is sufficiently reduced by a greater than 70% blockage of an artery or arteries, to the point of permanent damage or weaknening of the heart muscle, or when a plaque ruptures and a blood clot repeatedly forms with resulting blockage of blood flow, then an artery needs to be stented, or bypassed.

Related Questions

When was the first open heart coronary artery bypass surgery?

May 2, 1960. By robert goetz at the albert einstein college of medicine in new york. Vladimir p. Demikhov, a russian, had done much experimental work in animals in the early 1950's.
Sometime in 1960. Click on history:http://en. M.Wikipedia. Org/wiki/coronary_artery_bypass_surgery#section_1 but also look at dr green in new york (as I recall) that popularized this procedure.

How is a heart transplant done - is it like a coronary artery bypass operation?

2 basic ways. Atrial-aorta-pulmonary artery anastomosis or pulmonary veins - vena cavae - aorta- pulmonary artery anastomosis sequence. The pulmonary vein buttons left atrium and bi caval anastomoses in theory preserve most of the atrial kick. One main issue with transplanted hearts is that chronotropic dysfunction may occur leading to diminished exercise tolerance. If the donor in same or more time available.

Is CABG (coronary artery bypass grafting) an open heart surgery or closed heart surgery?

Not necessarily. A CABG if done without cardiopulmonary bypass (cpb) does not require the heart to be opened, however most cabgs are done with cpb requires cannula placement in the heart. However, most people consider any surgery on the heart where the chest is opened open heart surgery.
Closed... The heart is not actually opened unless you are repairing a valve or aortic aneurysm at the same time. Some would consider it only closed if no heart-lung machine is used for the surgery.
Closed. While the chest is opened to get to the heart to do bypass surgery the heart is not opened. The arteries are on the surface of the heart and therefore approached directly. See picture.

Angiogram showed 100% blockage in two arteries (lad). What helped was my heart built lot collateral vines. Should I try medication or do bypass.

Depends. The answer is complicated. It depends on your symptoms and the condition of you left main artery and of the 3rd artery. Are the collaterals jeopardized? Your ejection fraction is also important.
Angiogram. An angiogram that shows a 100% occlusion with the formation of collateral arteries can help allevaite symptoms of angina if the collaterals are well developed and provide adequate blood flow to the heart muscle. The decision to proceed with surgery or medical therapy is largely dependent on symptoms, heart pump function and the presence of other blockages in the remaining coronary arteries.

Left artery heart bypass surgery what are the complications if any?

Many benefits & risk. You are a male 54 and bypass surgery. The society of thoracic surgeons (sts) has many resources. You can expect that the benefits of chest pain, heart function and other will be helpful. The risks of surgery are death bleeding infection stroke. It is a common surgery and has long track record of benefits. Ask your surgeon and cardiologist and friends about their experience. You are not alone.

Does a quadruple bypass treat all the major heart arteries?

Possibly. Although there are three main coronary arteries, these arteries themselves may have significant branches that themselves may need bypassing. So 4 grafts do not necessarily treat all the major arteries, but will treat the 4 that are blocked.