Is gastric bypass safe for an 18yr old who is more then 200lbs over-weight?

Yes. Although weight loss surgery as with any surgery has it's own risks and complications, bariatric surgery performed for this type individual by an expert in the field of bariatric surgery can result in long term health benefits. Be sure to ask about the complications that can occur, as well as the surgeons' own complication rate to make sure that you're making an informed decision.

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Help please! Is gastric bypass a good idea for an 18yr old who is more then 200lbs over weight?

Good question. Gastric bypass introduces a "new disorder" because the gut is rearranged from its natural condition. At 18, there is a long life to be affected. On top of that, a low calorie diet must be followed after the surgery or else the weight will be regained. It is far more preferable to be able to decrease calorie counts and increase exercise, without the surgery. But, 200 # overweight is not good. Read more...