What are the differences between lasik and paragon crt?

Surgery. Lasik is a surgical procedure (can't be reversed), whereas crt is basically contact lens worn at night instead of during the day (can be stopped) discuss with your physician the risks/benefits/advantages/disadvantages of each.
LASIK versus CRT. Lasik eliminates the prescription permanently using a laser. Crt uses a contact lens to mold the cornea and only temporarily improves the vision.

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What is the difference between the lasik and paragon crt?

Surgical vs Lens. Lasik is a surgical procedure that will permanently change the shape of your cornea to diminish its myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. Paragon crt is a brand of contact lenses(ortho k) worn overnight to temporarily warp your cornea and temporarily reduce myopia during the day. Read more...
LASIK permanent. Lasik corrects the prescription permanently by changing the shape of the cornea with an excimer laser. Paragon crt molds the cornea temporarily using a flat contact lens. Read more...