About how long can a person live with pancreatic cancer?

It depends. Some patients are cured of this disease. Those patients have small tumors that are surgically removed. There are other types such as a serous cystadenomas which are benign. Neuroendocrine tumors can have a long life span. Unfortunately, mostpancreatic cancers are advanced and have a survival of months.

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How long can a person survive with pancreatic cancer?

Usually not long. It is quite dismal. Most cancers are discovered late and are unresectable. For localized cancers, resection offers the best chance of cure, and even this is only in the order of 25% at 5 years in the best series...But is better than nothing!

With jaundice, orange urine and weight loss present. How long does a person with pancreatic cancer usually have?

Don't give up. If it's a small tumor in the head of the pancreas, then you may still have a chance at a cure. There are high-risk super-aggressive surgeries that are producing a higher cure rate than in the past.
Weeks to months. Typically with that it is weeks to months. Sadly we cannot predict this well, but with those it means that it will not be long. I am so sorry.

How long can someone with pancreatic cancer be expected to live?

Depends' The stage of the illness determines the outcome of treatment.
Depends. Pancreatic cancer has one of the worst survival rates. The expected 5 year survival rates depend on the stage of the cancer (the size and if it is localized or spread) at the time of diagnosis. According to the American Cancer Society, the 5 year survival rate is 14% for Stage IA/ 12% for Stage 1B/7% for Stage 2A/5% for Stage 2B/3% for Stage 3/1% for Stage 4.

How long will someone who had pancreatic cancer who stopped chemo live?

Varies. It really depends on type of cancer. Typical adenocarcinoma, perhaps a yr. Other types longer. Also depends on if chemo was helping or not. This is best answered by someone who is following him over time. The usual answer for all comers, 6 months to a yr, unfortunately.

Oncology: Can the use of IRE nanoknife for pancreatic cancer result in a smaller sized tumor post procedure? How long to note size difference?

Yes. The goal of the IRE nanoknife is to reduce the size of a tumor and slow it's growth, usually for stage 3 unresectable tumors. The tumor mass may swell initially after treatment, but should get smaller over a few weeks as the dead tumor mass is resorbed. Unfortunately, the underlying tumor is not cured and how big the mass is on later scans will depend on how fast it grows back.