What is restless leg syndrome?

What is RLS? Restless Leg is a condition where you have an uncomfortable sensation (burning, crawling, cramping, aching, tingling, etc.) in you legs that cause an urgent/irresistible need to move your legs (walking, moving legs, messaging, rubbing, etc.). This movement usually occurs when going to bed and can progress to the daytime and sometimes to the arms. See a movement disorder neurologist for Treatment.
Leg movement. It is a syndrome whereby a person's leg either moves involuntarily or sometimes the leg moves because the person feels the need to move it as it is bothering them in some capacity...
RLS. U get sensations in lower legs between the knees & ankles. There is discomfort unless u move your legs, mostly at night when lay down or in daytime when sit down , like creepy crawlers feelings, may last for @ an hour, & u feel the urge to move or walk. Symptoms worsen during stress & relieved by moving about. Can interfere with sleep.
RLS . Rls should meet these criteria: 1- urge to move legs, also can affect arms. 2-moving the legs relieves that uncomfortable feeling for a short period of time. 3-should happen near bedtime. In severe cases even daytime. 4- it can cause insomnia and eventually daytime sleepiness.