How does ketamine treatment for crps -rsd work?

Hail Mary??? NO! In the 50s travell, md a pain pioneer concluded that chronic tissue pain was caused by numerous trigger points in muscle fibers causing the muscles to contract compressing nerves, vessels and alter the flow of lymphatics. Rds develops from this myofascial dz. Early therapy is the key with myofascial release therapy with massage, tissue therapy, trigger pt injs w Lidocaine and acupuncture.
By blocking NMDA. Ketamine works as an nmda blocker and is rarely used as an anesthetic agent. Ketamine can half very significant, and unpleasant, side effects, and can only be used under very close supervision by experts in using this medication.

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What pain management clinics offer out-patient ketamine for crps/rsd?

None. No reputable clinic would offer this medication on an outpatient basis. This drug is an anesthetic and requires continuous monitoring with administration. Read more...
Many Clinics. Unfortunately, it is not covered by insurance at all. You need to search out the clinics. There is a clinic in nyc that does ketamine infusions for pain. Check out http://nyketamine.Com. Many clinics now offer this treatment however it is experimental and does require multiple treatments to see benefit. Read more...