Is it true that smoking marijuana affects erections the same way smoking tobacco does?

Yes. Marijuana and low testosterone: the two go hand in hand. Yes, marijuana is a "herb". Yes, marijuana is a "natural plant". However, none of that is going to change the fact that marijuana is a one way ticket to low testosterone, erectile dysfunction and fertility problems. The political debate regarding marijuana may be interesting, but the research shows it to be debilitating and harmful.

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Is smoking marijuana as bad for me as smoking tobacco?

No. A difficult question politically, but an easy one medically. Although marijuana is not without risks - the risk of tobacco smoking are far greater!
Research is mixed. According to the national institute of drug abuse, marijuana smoke contains 50-70% more carcinogens than tobacco smoke. Also marijuana smokers inhale more deeply and hold smoke in their lungs longer. Http://www. Drugabuse. Gov/publications/drugfacts/marijuana these can lead to more lung irritation and cancer. Other studies say mj is not linked to tobacco-related cancers (lung, colon, rectal, etc).

Is smoking marijuana less dangerous for you than smoking tobacco?

Both dangerous. Both are dangerous. Marijuana smoke has more carcinogens in it than regular cigarettes do, and people usually inhale and hold the smoke longer with it too. So exposure is very significant -- plus the unspecified additives and possible pesticides that no one really checks for. Alternatively, nicotine is highly addictive, and people usually smoke more regular cigarettes, more often. Neither is good.

Is smoking organic marijuana as dangerous as smoking tobacco on the pancreas? Vapor a better choice?

Why pancreas concern. I'd worry much more about my lungs, heart and brain if I was smoking anything because these are what are likely to go first and kill or impair you than your pancreas not working well will. And no, vapor is not a better choice.
Unclear. It seems from studies that cigarettes are more toxic but only comparatively so- no smoking is safe. It is not obvious why this is so but studies o cannabis smoking show fewer issues. I unaware that pancreatic complications have been specifically looked at.

Has anyone ever got lung cancer from smoking marijuana And never smoking tobacco? I cant find any documented cases no matter how hard I look

Marijuana contains. Carcinogens, some in comparably higher levels than in cigarettes, so there is a theoretical risk. However, clinical studies have failed to demonstrate a clear association with lung cancer.

Smoking tobacco is major risk factor for pancreatic cancer. What about vaping marijuana (not tobacco e-cigs), smoking it or edibles have same risk?

Probably okay. Nobody has shown these to risky for pancreatic cancer. Any use of nicotine is extremely dangerous as it is horribly addictive. Cannabis may make you goofy but that is your choice. Be aware of the law, whether or not it seems wise.