Are there natural remedies for peanut allergies?

No. Avoidance remains the only effective treatment. However, research studies are being performed on oral desensitization for peanut allergy, in which the patient is given increasing dosages of peanut in a controlled setting. However, this should not be attempted outside of a research setting.
No. As of yet, there is no cure for peanut allergies, including no natural remedies. Allergy to peanuts is generally considered lifelong; once a person develops the allergy, it is unlikely that they will lose it. Treatment includes strict avoidance and carrying an epipen (epinephrine).
NO. I agree with answer posted below. There are many individuals out there who are touting unproven "cures" for food allergies. These have never been shown to be effective and are very dangerous. Imagine someone being told they are cured of their peanut allergy and they are not and they consume peanuts.