Can a bronchoscopy be done easily?

Yes. This is a very common procedure and typically quite safe. If you are at a higher risk for complications, your pulmonologist will discuss it with you.
Usually. Most patients tolerate this procedure well. Often, patients will mostly complain of cough and/or sore throat. This procedure is common across the country.
Varies. In pediatrics the procedure is more involved and an anesthesiologist, or an intensivist, is needed to deeply sedate the child for the procedure.
Minor procedure. Today most bronchoscopies are done with topical anesthesia and under moderate sedation (drugs that make a person very groggy but do not completely knock them out). Frequently there is some coughing but most people tolerate this procedure well and some do not remember the procedure afterward at all. Even when biopsies are take this is usually tolerated very well with very little pain (if any).