Is there any false teeth you can slip over your teeth?

Snap on Smile. "Snap on Smile" is almost like theatrical teeth that slide over your existing teeth and can literally transform your smile. It is a quick way to go, but one must remember that it is temporary and not practical for eating! There are several different brands, but the final results are all nearly the same, see your dentist for a permanent makeover!
Snap in Smile. An alternative treatment to expensive cosmetic dentistry is a product called snap on smile. Your dentist takes an impression and makes a thin shell of teeth that fits over your existing teeth. See a general or cosmetic dentist and ask if they make snap on smiles.
Yes. There is a temporary solution that your dentist can have fabricated.
Yes. Some call them "party teeth". Glidewell laboratory calls them "smile transitions". They are only for temporary esthetic improvement.
Yes. There are options out there, but be cautious that the fake teeth do not damage your real teeth or the bite.
Yes. There are some temporary laboratory fabricated solutions, but they are intended to be placed over healthy teeth only.
Yes. As the others said, a snap on smile will accomplish what you are asking for. However, it's a temporary fix and shouldn't be used while eating. Check with your dentist for another option.
Snap-On Smiles. Snap-On Smiles are available through select dental offices. Impressions are taken of your teeth and custom made forms are fabricated. The teeth are designed to your desired shape and color. These plastic forms fit over your natural teeth. Snap-On Smile should be considered a temporary esthetic solution to be used until a more permanent solution to dental problems can be obtained.
Yes. In one example, an appliance that is like connected veneers can be used to replace a tooth or a few teeth temporarily. This same appliance can also be used to provide a lesser expensive cosmetic makeover. In another example, an overdenture is a full denture which is supported by natural teeth. The teeth provide stability and retention.