What is the recovery time for gastric bypass?

About two weeks. After gastric bypass, many go home the following day, feeling fairly well and caring for themselves. Most can drive a car after one week and run short errands. Most return to work at two-three weeks. People who are self employed often return to work at one week.
A few weeks. The answer depends on how it was done. Open bypass takes 3-4 weeks to recover, while laparoscopic bypass is often less than 2 weeks. You won't be 100%, but should be able to return to a desk job in this time. For manual labor, recovery will be longer.

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How much recovery time is needed after gastric bypass?

Varies. Each person is different and it depends on what you are considering the recovery to be. You will be able to do basic activities by the time you leave the hospital. No heavy lifting usually for at least 4-6 weeks (more than 10 pounds) to reduce the risk of hernia formation. Your diet will be highly specialized as to the type and amount after surgery.

Please help, how much recovery time is needed after gastric bypass surgery after hospitalization?

6-8 weeks. Normal is relative and you will have a new normal! Should be close to six weeks from surgical sites etc your weight adjustment, diet, nutrition, vitamins etc will take longer to adjust and stabilize.
Recovery time varies. Recover time will vary depending on many factors including age, general health of the patient, infection control, blood sugar control, the exact type of procedure, and post-operative and follow up care. Discuss it with your surgeon and get their opinion as to what they feel is a reasonable recovery time for you.

How rough is recovery from gastric bypass/?

Not that bad. I can only give you my experience with my patients. Overnight hospital stay. Driving in 2-3 days. Back to a desk job within a week and back in the gym in 2 weeks. I use pain catheters that minimize postop narcotics and keep pain at about a 2/10. Recuperation is pretty quick when done laparoscopically. Everyones rate of healing is a little bit different so results can vary.
Not bad. 2 weeks. Most of our patients are up walking and sipping liquids right after surgery. With tiny catheters that drip numbing medicine into the skin, most patients use only oral pain meds on the first day after surgery. Most go home the day after surgery. Most go to work in two weeks.
Not rough at all. Most patients tolerate this operation very well. Pain is limited because it is done through small incisions. Getting use to the diet takes time and fatigue is usually the most limiting factor. I tell my patients to plan on a week off, but most are back to work within 5-7 days without problems.

How long would recovery for laparoscopic gastric bypass take?

Few days to a week. "recovery" means different things to different people. Typically, patients stay 1-2 nights after a lap gastric bypass. Most patients tell me they are feeling nearly normal and no longer use pain meds after about 3-4 days. Although you should follow your surgeon's recommended diet, the only restriction after surgery is to minimize heavy lifting for up to 4 weeks to reduce the risk of hernias.
Recovery. Most of my patients are back to work in 2-3 weeks. No heavy lifting or strenuous activity for six weeks.

Main difference (recovery wise, etc) between getting lap band and gastric bypass surgery?

A couple weeks. Recovery following laparoscopic banding or bypass is often less than 2 weeks. You won't be 100%, but should be able to return to a desk job in this time. For manual labor, recovery will be longer. There are many other differences which can't be fully covered in this format. I would recommend looking for a free seminar in your area to further investigate this.

Injection given correctly? I recently underwent gastric bypass surgery. During the recovery I was given an injection in my stomach to prevent blood clots. A few days into my recovery I was given an injection in my arm for the the same thing. I was under t

The. The best thing for you to do in this situation is to ask your doctor that cared for you while you were in the hospital why the second injection was given in the arm. Honestly it will be very difficult for anyone to comment on why the injections were given as they were since we did not order them and were not there. If there is any concern by your doctor, everything should be documented in your chart. For the future if you have any questions or concerns question the nursing staff or doctor right away. I hope you find answers soon.
This was. Probably Lovenox (enoxaparin) to help reduce the risk of developing blood clots in your calves. Usually given in the abdominal wall as a sub q injection. Check with the ordering physician as to the length of treatment recommended and the proper administration of lovenox (enoxaparin).

Can you let me know how many times can you have a gastric bypass?

Tough question. It depends on the type of surgery you had (traditional roux-en-y, sleeve procedure, or banding). In general, you usually get one shot with the surgical procedures except the band. If your band was removed for some reason, it is likely it could be replaced. A gastric bypass specialist could review your specific circumstances.