What is causing my hand tremor and neck pain?

Neck and tremor. Is only one hand having a tremor? How old are you. See a doctor since cerain tremors can be parkisons disease and start on one side. The neck pain can have so many causes that it would be silly to guess.
Several poss. Causes. Serious causes incl parkinson's, tumors, aneurysms, etc. Need to be ruled out. Many times, though, the pain/tremor are linked: dysfnctn of lower neck/upper back vertebra or upper ribs often cause both symptoms. An osteopathic dr. Can do all your md can, but can also do a hands-on diagnostic exam. If the cause is musculoskeletal, he can treat & often cure it, right in the office w/out fancy tests.

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Can thoracic disc protrusions and extrusions cause neck pain or tingling in arms and hands, or tremors?

Thoracic disk sxs. No, because the nerves that supply all skin and muscles in your arms come from up above, in the c-spine, thoracic disks don't affect the arms. Typically a thoracic disk will either cause pain in the mid back, a tingling or burning radiating around the rib area, or no symptoms at all. If the disk is pressing on the spinal cord, it can result in bladder changes, trouble walking or with balance too.

What could lead to my hand tremors and neck pain?

Evaluation. Different things can cause neck pain and hand tremors. The list of possible causes depend on your age, medical conditions, clinical presentation, etc. You need a formal evaluation by a physician. Www. Otwithmd. Com.

About to give up. Neurosurg says pain& numbness in hands and hand tremors not from neck. Pain dr says comong from c5, 6 nerve cond study. How or who can?

Numbness. Unfortunately you may need another opinion. Suggest a neurologist instead of a neurosurgeon.
C5 c6 affects the. Lateral side of the forearm and the thumb mainly, but there can be slight differences. Carpal tunnel affects the thumb tip, index and middle and half of ring. There can be both, or one can exacerbate he other, exam can help sort this out, at times a trial of injection in the carpal canal is helpful both diagnostically and therapeutically. Perhaps a hand surgeon can help. Tremors are not from eithe.
Second opinion. It sounds like you need a diagnosis, and at this point a second opinion. I don't think it matters whether a neurologist or a spine surgeon as much as someone who takes your symptoms seriously and gives you a pathway towards understanding your problem and a path for treatment.